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You’re Not Losing Weight With Running, Here’s Why!

The classic dogma eat less run more is sometimes not working, there is a reason for that. You are running and running but nothing is happening and then you get frustrated.

Losing weight with running is often not working. This depends on your body, genetic, and metabolism.

With sports, you lose approximately 800 calories in an hour but with just one chocolate or one visit to McDonald’s you will reach that level easily and void your workout.

Every sports activity during the day will drastically increase your appetite an wake up your wich for food. Eating a full-size meal after that will come naturally.

Running works great as a cardio exercise but in terms of weight loss, it is not always efficient.

Here’s what happens when we run 

Our organism gets in flight or fight mode. In other words, it keeps the remaining supplies and tries to save energy by slowing down the metabolism. It tries to save the remaining supply so it reduces the consumer which is muscle.

With running and being hungry we slow down our metabolism. It ends up with complete lack of energy and this method is not sustainable.

Our muscle mass eventually decreases and in order to remain the consumption, you would need to increase the time of running every day.

How to lose weight properly

The right path in order to lose weight is by eliminating food that enrages fats and forces them into taking more calories than they need.

The second thing you need to do is to boost your basal metabolism by the strength exercises.

With more muscles, our metabolism gets faster, which is completely opposite from running. By running we slow done the metabolism.

Studies showed that people who eat more proteins and fats in the morning eat less during the day versus people who eat carbs in the morning.

The key to weight loss lies down in nutrition.

Yoga female cooking homemade salad

Change your habits

Let’s start by changing our habits and trowing in some workout.

Step 1 Food

Throw out beer, candies, and dough and start with a workout.

As the workout becomes more intense you will slowly bring back some carbs.

First, we need to clears is that a healthy diet doesn’t always imply expensively.

Don’t let the money be your excuse. Healthy food can easily cost as much as junk food.

Check out our diet plan:


Oatmeal – healthy but cheap and what it’s good about it you can easily eat them every day. It is rich with fiber so it provides the feel of being full. You can add fresh or dry food, almond, hazelnut, honey, chia seeds, etc.

100 g of oatmeal contains only 347 calories.

Eggs are also a great breakfast meal. Boiled or fried they make a good source of fat. You can combine them with any vegetable like tomato or pepper.

Don’t get this literary and eat only eggs and oatmeal, I just state some suggestion to illustrate the essence.

Choose healthy but nutritious enough meals that can hold you during the day.


Throw in more fish. Not just it is full of omega 3 it is also a great source of vitamins, proteins, and minerals. You can bake it in the oven and add some potatoes, vegetables, rice, and salad.

Ispecite je u rerni uz dodatak krompira ili povrća koje volite, dodajte joj pirinač ili pripremite salatu

The most nutritious fish is tuna, sardines, cod, and mackerel. You can add any vegetables you want but I suggest cabbage, it is rich in vitamins and other nutritious substances.

The best thing about cabbage is that it doesn’t contain a lot of calories. Also rice, very rich in vitamins and minerals, and easy to combine with other food.

Don’t stop with a fish, the other seafood is also recommended.

When it comes to a way of preparing food go with baking rather than frying.


Maybe sound strange but a healthy diet plan contains dinner. Eating healthy means eating healthy food and changing our habit not throwing out the dinner.

It’s better to plan a diet with dinner so you would avoid late-night snacks.

Avoid eating dinner after 9 pm though. Eat something easy like vegetables, milk products but with small fat percentage or salads with chicken and mushrooms.


First, you need to quit eating chips and chocolate. If your body asks for a snack take fruit or nuts.


Don’t be obsessed with diet, this can get you into a real depression. Be positive about it, after all this was your decision. It’s better to plan ahead a “whatever food day” than to suddenly quit the diet plan.

Step 2 Workout

Three workout sessions per week are more than enough if we change our habits and the food we enter in our body. 

Instead of CrossFit and running fo with gym and boosting your muscle strength and volume. As we eventually increase our muscle volume it will burn down our fat.

With workout, you basically damage the muscle at first, it needs a few days to recover and grow. It is very important to go slow, after all, maybe you didn’t work out for years, the risk of getting yourself hurt is big at this point.

Don’t be too obsessed with workout most of the men don’t like girls who are too skinny.

Also, don’t be afraid of doing muscle exercises, you won’t become too muscular, it takes a lot more. With nutrition change, we change the level of calories we supply our bodies with.

Now, our workout doesn’t need to be that hard to achieve a lot.

Step 3 Head

We need to be honest with ourselves. Be sure you have positive attitude before you start changing your life.

Be sure you realize what is ahead of you. Know your goals and calculate your path before you move.

Clear your thoughts and be ready to change. Everything doesn’t need to be perfect, you can lose less weight or process can be slower, but don’t let this release the negativity.

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4 months ago

These healthy habits would be really habits will really helpful to achieve weight loss goal. I will definitely follow your advice. Thanks for sharing.

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