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Professional Musician Life During COVID 19

This is one of the worst years, that’s for sure. I’ve been in the music business for 15 years and never has been this tough. As a musician, I got used to gigs getting canceled at the last minute, not getting paid, and all kinds of crazy situations, but supporting a family with music is a really hard path.

I play weddings and we all know they are basically canceled this year. Are clubs alternative? Well no, I retired from clubs since all I can earn there is pocket money. When you lose the step it is very hard to catch up.

Musicians are strongly demolished by COVID 19 since they are out of work maybe even until next year. Imagine you do something for 15 years and then suddenly you can’t.

Side projects

I always have done a thing or two next to music. When it all began, to be honest, I never expected to last this long, I thought I just need to wait until summer and that all would be over.

In one moment I was able to play a few gigs and then again nothing, everything has stopped. So, I decided not to wait any longer, I started searching for a job.

I am qualified for many online jobs but took me 2 months to find a job. Now when I got it I plan to work even when gigs start next year just to make it up the lost money.

How did I stay positive

I read online that if you in the hell, you need to move forward, why would you stay in hell. It may perfect sense for me I was really in hell with no savings and bill just keep coming.

I have a wife and a daughter so they helped me a lot go through this tough period. 

I was getting really anxious and depressed, the light at the end of the tunnel didn’t have plans to show up. No new opportunities no nothing, every day the same. I wake up, drink coffee, search for the job, then I go outside, play with my daughter and in the evening I sit behind the computer and look for the job.

If I had drums in my own bedroom I wouldn’t’ careless, I was numb.

I tried to stay positive because I started to annoy my family and I knew it couldn’t less forever. My advice for all the people who find themselves in a hard situation is to be a chameleon.

The most appreciated musicians are the ones who can play various genres. I knew I will make only if I agree to changes and go for any small opportunity to change something. 

I realize that I will have to do some job I hate but getting a money was the priority.

Few pieces of advice

I learned a lot in this process, but it is not done yet I am still trying to recover. The biggest thing I learn is to always have one or two side projects, always expect unexpected.

Be focused on the thing you do but do be blind for all the other things around you. Learn to do at least one alternative thing. In tough times this will open some doors for you.

Article by Invictum

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