Open Person – The Guy Tells his Friends Everything About Me

Open Person - The Guy Tells his Friends Everything About Me

I’ve been living with a guy for a year now. I know that he is an open person. He can’t keep anything for herself. If he don’t like something, he will immediately express it. If he is very happy, then everyone will be happy around him.

He shares the news of his life with relatives and friends. Nice guy, you say, but I’m not so sure about that anymore. I began to notice during gatherings with his friends that they were aware of all our quarrels. From them I can hear things like “Well, you should think after yesterday”. And this was considered an absolutely normal question. Although I did not tell anyone about the conflict that had been settled.

Do not make dirty linen in public – this is not my boyfriend. He just has to be that open person. Because to all the questions: “Why do you constantly tell your friends about us?” I decided to get into his phone. He answered: “I don’t tell anything!”. As a result, I found a whole correspondence on the phone with several people, where he described even trifling quarrels. He shared the details of our intimate life, and received advice and support in response.

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I do not want everyone around us to know what is happening in our personal lives. I am not an open person like him. Because of this, I’m once again afraid to say something about myself. Because this information can be made public!

How to live with such a person?

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