25 Myths About Sex That You Should Stop Believing

25 Myths About Sex That You Should Stop Believing

There are as many facts and myths about sex as there are couples. You must have heard a variety of anecdotes and true stories.

Faster calorie burning, aphrodisiacs, and heart attacks are just some of the myths about sex that people still believe in.

However, some things need to be clarified to avoid confusion or unintended consequences.

Here is the truth behind these popular myths:

Sex burns a lot of calories – Myths About Sex

30-minute sex can burn anywhere from 80 to 300 calories, depending on the intensity.

That might sound great, but the problem is that the average sex only lasts six minutes.

During that short period, the biggest increase in heart rate and blood pressure occurs around 15 seconds during orgasm, and then things quickly return to normal.

So, if you burn four calories per minute, then that is in totals 24 calories.

Oysters, and chocolate are aphrodisiacs – Myths About Sex

Although oysters contain a lot of zinc, a mineral needed by sperm, no research has ever shown the effect of boosting sexual desire after consuming oysters or chocolate.

Dark chocolate is associated with several health benefits, including lower blood pressure and better blood vessel function.

This could increase blood flow to the male genitals. But you will need to eat a very large amount to notice any significant difference.

chocolate are turn-ons - Myths about sex

Sex can lead to a heart attack – Myths About Sex

Many men (and women) are concerned about the strong effect on the heart, especially as they age.

However, sex does not increase the risk of a heart attack. Moreover, more sex is associated with better heart health, a study [1] published at Harvard showed.

Sex can cause the birth of a pregnant woman – Myths About Sex

This myth is so widespread that even doctors will tell their patients who have exceeded the due date to try it.

But not only can sex not speed up childbirth, but it can also delay it.

The researchers found [2] that women who were sexually active in the last three weeks of pregnancy carried babies for an average of 39.9 weeks, compared with 39.3 weeks for women who did not have intercourse.

Women need more time to get aroused than men – Myths About Sex

It turns out that there is absolutely no difference in the time it takes for men and women to reach the ultimate excitement.

The researchers used thermal imaging [3] and did not rely solely on couples’ reports.

The reason why some women or men need more time to get aroused may be more mental than physical in nature.

Men think about sex every seven seconds – Myths About Sex

This has been refuted by multiple studies.

At Ohio State University, 283 students were given buttons that they pressed every time they had a sexual thought.

The results showed that the average man thinks about sex 19 times a day, and a woman 10.

Even the “hottest” ones recorded only 388 clicks, which is approximately 1-2 times during the waking state during the day.

Boyfriend and girlfriend hugging on the bed

Sexual desire grows in the spring – Myths About Sex

From around 1778 to 1940, the birth rate was highest during the late winter, which indicates that more women became pregnant in the spring or early summer.

But from 1974 to 1982 there were more births during August and September, which means that most conceptions were in November and December.

In the experiment [4], 114 men were asked to rate photos of women’s faces, breasts, and bodies every three months, and the experiment showed that the desire for breasts and body was stronger during the winter.

Women do not enjoy porn movies – Myths About Sex

That is not true – many women look at that and enjoy it while doing it.

A survey [5] of 3,000 women conducted by Marie Claire magazine showed that almost a third of women watch porn at least once a week, and another third several times a month.

About 66% of them did it while they were alone, just for their own pleasure, and not for the sake of satisfying their partners.

A woman surprised by the size of his penis

Size matters – Myths About Sex

Providing sexual pleasure is more about a man’s skill than his size.

Men need an enthusiastic attitude and a willingness to listen to what a woman really wants.

In a study of 375 women in the Netherlands [6], more than 3/4 of them thought that size did not matter at all.

These results are confirmed by a survey [7] of more than 50,000 people conducted by professor Kevan Wiley at the University of Sheffield.

He found that although 85% of women are happy with the dimensions of their lovers, 45% of men still care about size.

You can’t get pregnant during your period – Myths About Sex

A woman can get pregnant during menstruation, although the chances are slim.

A particularly sensitive period is the end of the menstrual cycle.

At the same time, unprotected sex at that time increases the chance of getting infections and various sexually transmitted diseases.

You can’t get pregnant if a man pulls out a penis before ejaculation – Myths About Sex

A man does not have to ejaculate at all, sperm can be found in a transparent whitish fluid that is secreted during sexual arousal.

Remember, one sperm is enough for a woman to get pregnant.

Also, various fluids of infections and sexually transmitted diseases can be found in this fluid.

Some men are not even aware that they are ejaculating until it is too late. In a moment of ecstasy and passion, it is easy to get carried.

boyfriend and girlfriend are lying on the bed

You can’t get pregnant while taking contraception – Myths About Sex

The chances of a woman getting pregnant while using birth control pills are zero if provided instructions for use are followed.

However, if you miss a pill or take antibiotics at the same time, or if you are sick or have diarrhea, it is better to use a condom for the next seven days.

Different birth control pills start working at different times. This interval ranges from 0 to 14 days.

Always follow the instructions for using the pills you have decided on and also rely on the use of condoms until you are completely sure that the pills have started to work.

Men want sex more than women – Myths About Sex

Women also love sex. But they are stimulated or demotivated, in addition to hormones, by different types of emotions. Home, work, children are enough to make sex unattractive to you.

In addition, hormones control the urge – most women are in the mood for sex only on certain days during the month.

Women attach emotions to that act,, so they are often not for it if their loved one resented them.

So it’s not about the power of desire but about the circumstances.

Happy couples always have great sex – Myths About Sex

Which couple has daily wild, uncontrolled, passionate sex after a year, two living together, or with two small children? Life and its pressures do their thing very quickly.

Does that mean they are lying to you when they say that after five years of marriage they still have great sex? Maybe, but not necessarily.

Maybe they are lying to you because they think your sex life is great. There is a possibility that they defines great sex differently. Maybe they really have great sex. It’s all very subjective.


Men cheat more often than women – Myths About Sex

Both sexes cheat equally. Only motivation is different.

Men are hunters and seek fast sex while women often try to compensate for the lack of attention in a relationship.

And women are evolutionarily programmed to commit adultery – because they are constantly looking for the optimal partner – but society does not expect this from them.

That sounds pretty disappointing. We stick to research and interpret it positively: every fourth woman cheats, and that means 75 percent of us are loyal!

Sex does not feel as good with a condom – Myths About Sex

It’s a classic male pronunciation that must die out.

The pleasure for him will not be any less if he puts on a condom, and truth be told, the girl will feel much more relaxed if she does not have to worry about pregnancy.

The whole act will be far more fun if you both feel comfortable.

Sex with two condoms is safer – Myths About Sex

This myth has been passed down for generations, and the answer is simple:

Sex with two condoms is not safer than protection with just one condom because increased friction is more likely to cause a condom to break.

Use one condom at a time. He is made quite well to perform his role.

Condom on hand

Sexually transmitted infections cannot be transmitted orally – Myths About Sex

You should know that gonorrhea, chlamydia, and herpes are transmitted orally, so do not embark on an adventure with a new partner if you do not use protection.

Anal sex is fun without any danger – Myths About Sex

Okay, you won’t stay pregnant, but you’re not protected from sexually transmitted diseases and infections that can be transmitted. 

You can get HPV, but also HIV, herpes, and other diseases. Be sure to use a condom during anal sex.

Lubricant is for older women – Myths About Sex

Lubricant can improve your sex and reduce uncomfortable friction and pain.

Women of any age can improve their sex and make it smooth by using a lubricant.

According to research [8], 90% of 2451 female participants aged between 18-68 stated that sex with the lubricant was better.

Sex toys are for weird couples – Myths About Sex

On the contrary. Creativity and novelty can only refresh your sex life and make it more interesting.

Vibrators can stimulate the clitoris and G-spot during foreplay, so you will experience orgasm more easily.

Myths About Sex 20

You will get pregnant easier if you practice certain poses – Myths About Sex

If you are trying to get pregnant, know this, no pose will increase your chances. So feel free to practice the poses that suit you best.

Also, for all women who do not use condoms in certain poses under the conviction that they will not get pregnant that way, you can get pregnant from absolutely any pose.

In addition, some research has shown that poses that involve standing can reduce the chance of sperm reaching the uterus properly.

Of course, no one said it was impossible, although if you want to stay pregnant, enjoy lying down first.

Contraceptive pills will add weight – Myths About Sex

The fact is that there are women who have this problem when they practice this type of contraception.

Even if you happen to gain a few kilos more because of the pills, it is not an accumulation of fat, but retention of fluid.

Also, the pills will not bring you too many extra pounds and will not last long.

Usually, the pounds added in this way are lost after two to three months.

Ejaculation will have a sweet taste if the partner eats a pineapple – Myths About Sex

Not completely, but this is also a myth. If you’ve ever heard of this before, you’ve probably tried it. The truth is that it does not necessarily mean that it will really be so.

It is quite certain that the taste of ejaculation can depend on the food you eat. If you eat healthy foods rich in natural sugars such as fruit, ejaculation will have a less bitter taste and will be more pleasant.

Sperm allergy does not exist – Myths About Sex

One truth that is not very nice to hear is that there is an allergy to sperm. It is a rare but still possible reaction to proteins found in the ejaculate.

There may be redness, swelling, itching, pain, or a feeling of burning in any part of the body that the sperm comes in contact with.

The reaction occurs a few minutes to an hour after contact. If you notice this happening, visit your gynecologist.

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