Mother’s experiences: what does a teenager do behind a closed door?

what does a teenager do behind a closed door

The son is 16 years old. He communicates with girls and boys a lot and often brings friends home. They go to his room and close there. What they do there, I don’t know. Once I tried to enter the room under the pretext that I had brought tea and cookies for a snack, so the next time my son closed the door to the castle.

I am sure that he is hiding something from me. When he leaves, he also lock the door. So I demanded to leave the room open, but he doesn’t listen to me. I wanted to break in already, but one day my son forgot to close it before leaving for school, so I went in and checked everything. I rummaged through the whole room. And what do you think?

I found a bunch of adult magazines (that’s where my money goes!), Some discs of obscure content, dirty things under the bed, and I also checked the history in the browser. As a result, it became clear that he was not at all interested in studying. He googled about some sexually transmitted diseases, and was looking for dubious goods on the Internet. Whom did I raise? What kind of unhealthy hobbies?

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I want to send him to a doctor so that I can take tests, and also to a psychologist, because he behaves completely abnormally. We were all teenagers, but this is too much. Watching videos for adults around the clock, like some kind of weirdo.

What to do with such a child? How to raise a normal person, and not a sick pervert?

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