Male Erogenous Zones by 12 Zodiac Signs

Male Erogenous Zones by 12 Zodiac Signs

Do you sometimes wonder, is there any way to know the male erogenous zones in advance in order to leave an unforgettable impression in bed? Maybe there is… in the horoscope.

You have probably established many times so far that certain zodiac signs and their subsign have certain characteristics. Men don’t really believe that, but you already know that Gemini has a hundred faces (one for each occasion) or that Aries are stubborn and self-confident.

And do you know what the male erogenous zones are by horoscope signs?

If you don’t know, then this is a guide you should definitely read!

What are the most common male erogenous zones?

Instant sex is as exciting as sex in a car, but if you have space and time, why not really enjoy each other and discover all those secret and hot spots with your bodies? If you want to knock your boyfriend off his feet in the first round of sex, it’s not bad to know other erogenous zones in men.

Male erogenous zones are all those places on a man’s body that are bloody and full of nerve endings, and therefore more sensitive to touch.

What's up men?

What turns men on?

Well, it’s individual and you have to do a little research. You can try different places:

  • inner thigh
  • lower back and buttocks
  • lower abdomen
  • neck
  • nipples
  • ears
  • back of knee
  • feet and palms

Examine slowly and be careful, follow the way he reacts to the stimulation of certain parts of the body. Not everyone will be thrilled if you put your tongue in his ears or start playing with his nipples.

To know where to start your game and how to spice it up with the right touches in the right place, find out what the erogenous zones of zodiac signs are!

Also, it is good to know that they react visually and like to see some trump cards in women like big breasts or long hair.

Male erogenous zones of Aries

The erogenous zones of an Aries man can be symbolically associated with the appearance of his sign. What stands out the most here is the head and horns, so it’s no wonder you find its erogenous zones right there.  

How to turn on a man born in the sign of Aries?

Play with his hair, scratch his scalp.

You can very easily stimulate the erogenous zones of an Aries man wherever you are, without looking too strange and indecent!

Of course, there are other places on your head that you can’t really excite in public. But when you are alone, stimulate the part behind the ears and the earlobes themselves. Don’t forget – and the lips are on the head, right? Run your fingers over his lips, bite them sensually, and don’t deny him a kiss. Want to give him something special? Kiss his eyelids gently.

For Aries, sex is not just a physical activity. He loves it when you put a little passion into it.

Erogenous zones in male Taurus

Symbolism is very important in the zodiac, so it has its role here as well. What first comes to mind when it comes to Taurus. Although he also has horns with him, they are not in the foreground. But what you will not miss is a strong and strongly developed neck. It is immediately clear how to turn on a Taurus man. Male erogenous zones in this sign are located on his neck.

To turn on Taurus, put yourself in the role of his vampire!

Showered his neck with kisses and passionate bites. You don’t have to push. Go gradually! Start with a kiss on the mouth, then go down towards the neck and stay there freely. Do you want to let him know in public that you want him? Touch his neck – start his shirt or tie and run your hand over his neck.

Tauruses are very sensitive to touch, so make the most of it. Yes, the neck is the most sensitive, but it is not out of place to give it a quality full body massage. The results will delight you!

What happened to Gemini men?

Male erogenous zones in Gemini are the hands. It may seem completely uninteresting to you, and it doesn’t seem very exciting to you. But here, too, it is a matter of approach. Hands are not just for touches, they can also be for kisses.

With Gemini in bed, this rule applies: Approach ordinary things in an unusual way and you will get unexpected results!

A Gemini man will enjoy if you put your lips on their palm, lick his fingers, especially the tips that are full of nerve endings. Those with a dirty imagination can associate it with oral sex, and the imagination can work wonders. The inner side of the hand is especially sensitive, both to touches and kisses. Use your imagination and employ your hands and tongue around his arms and he will melt with passion.

What erogenous zones does a Cancer man have?

Cancers are considered great emotionals, but what they like in bed? How to awake cancer imagination?

Cancer’s attention is very important, so don’t miss the foreplayTheir erogenous zone is the breasts, and especially the nipples.

Yes, that’s right – if you want a Cancer man then you have to know that men’s nipples are sensitive and play an important role in good sex.

Not only can you shower them with kisses and touches during foreplay, but you can run your hands over them during sex as well and your boyfriend will enjoy this simple touch full of tenderness.

Cancers also like deep and passionate kisses [1]. No other zodiac sign enjoys kisses like Cancer. For him, it is not a meaningless turn of the tongue – he gives his whole self there.

Male erogenous zones of a Leo

The lion is king! Okay, king of the animals, but let’s not freak out.

A man in the sign of Leo in bed has one important characteristic of a king – he likes to be in the center of attention!  

What ignites men born in the sign of Leo? Attention and touches on the back. If you want to wake up a sleeping Leo then be well prepared to give a lot. You will not exaggerate at all if you equip the bed with exclusive bed sheets where it will feel like a kind of throne. Show with every detail that you care about him.

The male erogenous zones of Leo are located on the back. If you can make someone crazy with a simple massage or scratching their back, then it’s Leo. Yes, cuddling games like this usually take a long time, but hey, we said before – arm yourself with attention!

Male erogenous zones of a Leo

Virgo man in bed – is that how it sounds?

If you want to know what a Virgo man is like in bed, then get ready for an ice wave. Virgo men in the horoscope are considered the coldest men. This means that you will often be the one to initiate sex. Can you melt it? How do you turn it on?

Men in the sign of the Virgin are cold but hoped a couple of sparks in the right place and you’ll get fire!

Male erogenous zones in Virgos are located on the abdomen. No, you don’t have to feed him and make him dinner. Maybe it’s better to prepare a warm bath for him and subtly seduce him with touches on his stomach. You can kiss it around the navel, and then go lower… to the lower abdomen. And later you can go even lower!

Libra male erogenous zones

Erogenous zones of zodiac signs differ. In some, they are in the front part of the body, and in some, they are behind. A man in the sign of Libra belongs to this second group. If you share a bed with this man, look for his erogenous zones on his lower back and buttocks!

For men in Libra astrological sign, a friendly kick to the buttocks can be a well-planned attack on their erogenous zones!  

This is a very sensitive area with this sign, and you can stimulate it in many ways – from lightly crossing your arm or lips over his lower back and buttocks, to hitting his butt and even pinching. Don’t hesitate to grab him tightly by the ass while making love. You will see, the level of enjoyment will increase!

Erogenous zones of a man born in the sign of Scorpio

Scorpios do not like circumlocution. They know what they want and when they want and want it to the maximum. Male erogenous zones in scorpions should not be looked for all over the body. Every Scorpio has its own poisonous thorn, and you know where to look for his!

Unlike the Virgo man who is quite cold in bed, the Scorpio man is passionate and fiery and knows well what he wants. Playing with a penis is not a variation of sex for him – for him, it’s just a foreplay!

If you want a man who takes his job in bed very seriously, then you need a man in the sign of Scorpio.

What turns on men born in the sign of Sagittarius

When looking for a hidden button to awaken passion in Sagittarius, start with the thighs and hips.

You will discover male erogenous zones near Sagittarius by playing the game “The cat is going around you”.  

Almost all parts near his intimate parts are sensitive to touch, and passionate kisses can turn them on. The outer part of the thigh is rougher and is used to everyday touches, but the inner part of the thigh is a map with a hidden treasure when you are looking for the erogenous zones of a man who was born in the sign of Sagittarius. Well, start from the knee upwards and circle the body with kisses, slowly narrowing the circle towards the center.

Capricorn and male erogenous zones

They may seem cold and invincible, but maybe it’s because men in the sign of Capricorn have special erogenous zones that would not occur to everyone.

To stimulate the erogenous zones of a man in the sign of Capricorn, use your imagination to the fullest!

You will find male erogenous zones at this sign on the back of the knee! Yes, that’s right. Maybe that wouldn’t occur to you. However, like the inside of the elbow, the inside of the knee is also more sensitive to touch and full of blood vessels near the surface of the skin, and all that makes this part more sensitive! Well, why not! Use your imagination down there!

Aquarius male erogenous zones

Aquarius is cheerful, open, and friendly with an adventurous spirit. If you want to connect the symbolism of a horoscope sign and sex, you will understand that for an Aquarius man, the peak of sexual pleasure is making love in the water. Is that correct? In fact, he will not have anything at all against sex in the pool or in the shower, but also in other unusual places. The more unusual, the better!

And what are the erogenous zones of a man born in this sign?

Aquarius loves sex in unusual places, but also touches in unusual body parts!

Come on, what’s the most unusual thing you can imagine? Do you think that the palms and the back of the knees are unusual places? What do you think about the ankle, calf? Yes, an Aquarius man will enjoy it if you touch him in these places during sex or foreplay. Truth be told, sometimes during sex itself, it can be a little harder to perform. But don’t worry, the Aquarius man has nothing against unusual poses!

Sex in water - aquarius male erogenous zones

What do Pisces men like in bed?

It may be a question of whether the edible fish is cleaned first from the head or from the tail, but when it comes to sex and erogenous zones according to zodiac signs, then there is not much dilemma with the Pisces man! It all starts with the feet!

The feet are full of nerve endings and there are whole foot massage techniques [2] and acupuncture points that treat many difficulties. So why not influence sexual desire as well?

To arouse passion in a Pisces man, give him a foreplay in the form of a foot massage!

And you don’t have to stop for a massage. Touch them with your hands, lips, tongue and you will knock him off his feet – in this case literally!

Just as not everyone fits into the mold of character that accompanies a particular zodiac sign, so not everyone fits into these descriptions either. So don’t rush into decisions in this field – your partner may not like them. Before you judge someone by their zodiac sign, get to know them well. It is, however, a more relevant method of assessment.

The fact is that the erogenous zones are not only in the most intimate places. Each of us has them all over our body and we stimulate them, intentionally or spontaneously, during foreplay and during lovemaking. Then again, there are places where we are more sensitive to touch and some where we are ticklish or where touch bothers us. Whether it is individual or you can determine male erogenous zones by zodiac signs for your man, it remains for you to investigate on your own.

Then why this whole article?

The next time a man you like rolls his eyes, smiles, or has a cynical comment on the mention of the horoscope, forward this text to him –  just so he knows why you first asked him what sign is in the horoscope!

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