LPG Treatment – Say Goodbye to Cellulite in a Painless Way!

LPG Treatment – Say Goodbye to Cellulite in a Painless Way!

Would you like to get rid of cellulite, but without needles, scalpels, and pain? You don’t know how? Get to know LPG treatment and Lipomassage that will get rid of persistent cellulite forever.

How LPG treatment is performed, in which cases and areas it is applied, for whom it is intended, what are the experiences of those who have tried it on their own skin, and of course, how much it costs, you will find out in the lines below.

Today, there is almost no woman who has not encountered cellulite, to a greater or lesser extent. Cellulite does not only occur in people who have problems with excess weight, but can also be seen in “thin people”. You can reduce your body weight and bring it to the desired state, but cellulite and “orange peel” stay with you despite rigorous diets and exhausting exercises.

Endermology involves the treatment of existing cellulite in order to reduce, eliminate and prevent the formation of new ones.

Endermology involves massaging, breaking down, and sucking out existing fat layers, and the process by which all this is achieved is called LPG treatment or lipomassage.

What is LPG treatment or lipomassage?

LPG treatment is a 100% natural, non-invasive, non-aggressive method of mechanical stimulation of the skin and connective tissue, in the form of deep massage, which reactivates or restarts cellular activity. The LPG method is adapted and suitable for every skin type, and its main advantage is that it is focused on specific parts of the body that are resistant to any type of anti cellulite diet or exercise (such as arms, back, abdomen, waist, thighs …).

Massage is performed using an LPG device – a device that has two rotating rollers and a vacuum probe that affects the deep layers of fat layers and accelerates their decomposition and movement to the skin surface. This reduces the visibility of cellulite.

In addition to the breakdown of fat layers, LPG treatment stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and has an excellent effect on (micro) circulation and intercellular fluid exchange in tissues and muscles.

Girl by the pool on a sunbed after LPG treatment

The balance between the creation and elimination of fat in our body happens thanks to the cells for storing fat layers called adipocytes. Like most cells in our body, adipocytes slow down their activity over time, so there is a deposition of fat layers – cellulite.

During one LPG treatment, adipocyte stimulation (fat depot) is stimulated and natural deposition and release of accumulated fat layers is performed, and the mechanical action of the preparation on the skin increases its elasticity and firmness (tone).

After only 3-4 treatments, the figure becomes thinner, slimmer, and fat layers disappear exactly where we wanted, 1 – 1.5″ (3-4 cm) around the waist, thighs, or buttocks. LPG treatment lasts from 30 to 45 minutes (depending on the region being treated) and is similar to a “harder” massage.

To achieve the best results, users should drink 8 to 12 cups (2 to 3 liters) of fluid a day, so that the processes in the body, stimulated by this method, take place efficiently and in the best possible way. During lipomassage (LPG treatment), users wear a special leotard or LPG suit that is breathable and light and allow deep massage and stimulation of tissues and cells, as well as an optimal atmosphere during the treatment.

LPG treatment is especially recommended for people who have undergone liposuction, in order to make the treated area look better and more natural.

LPG treatment, lipo massage or enremology began in France [1] in the late 1980s (1986) and was primarily intended to remove the visibility of burn scars. Over time, the range of activities has expanded, so today it is used in sports, physical medicine, aesthetics, wellness, LPG centers, and beauty salons.

How long does an LPG treatment last?

LPG treatment is carried out individually and is fully adapted to your needs, desires and condition of the body. The length of lipomassage is determined and adjusted according to the following needs:

  • The area or part of the body being treated – whether the LPG treatment is applied to the whole body or part.
  • For what purposes is the LPG method used – tightening and firming the skin, elimination of adipose tissue and cellulite or reshaping the body roll (reduction of hip circumference, waist)
  • Accessibility and the condition of the area to which the LPG treatment is applied – we will not devote equal time to the elimination of cellulite from the stomach and, for example, the buttocks.

It takes 35 to 50 minutes to treat the whole body, and about 25 minutes to treat half the body. If only a partial, certain part of the body is treated, the therapy time is shorter. The treatment seems very relaxing, especially if you use a suit because it reduces the feeling of tingling, and if you feel discomfort, the therapist reduces the force of pressure and suction, and can completely replace the program on the LPG machine and determine the one that suits you.

How many LPG treatments should I do to get the desired results?

LPG therapists say, and practice has shown, that it is necessary to perform a minimum of 10 treatments, while it would be ideal to do 15 to 20 lipomassages to get the desired look. It is recommended that you apply LPG treatment 2 to 3 times a week, and you will notice the first changes in the form of smooth skin and a reduction in waist circumference after 3-4 treatments.

Of course, there are cases where at the beginning of the LPG session, due to swelling, cellulite is more pronounced than usual, but as the swelling subsides, positive changes begin to be noticed.

To maintain optimal results and conditions after an LPG session, 1 to 2 LPG treatments per month are recommended for prevention. Of course, it is recommended to include in everyday use of natural anti-cellulite creams and gels, which are also a great way to prevent the formation of new cellulite.

Anti-cellulite gels can be very effective. Some women get rid of cellulite only thanks to them.

LPG machine – How it works and affects cellulite layers?

The LPG device that massages and sucks fat layers towards the skin surface is known as the Cellu M6 integral. This appliance consists of two parts:

  • A handle / extension that has rotating rollers at its end with extensions that exist in 14 different variants. In addition to the rollers, there is a probe that rests on the skin and works on the principle of creating a negative pressure or vacuum and has the task of sucking fat layers from the deep layers to the surface of the connective tissue
  • LPG computer on which therapists in LPG centers individually and depending on the type of LPG massage adjust the rolling speed of the rollers, direction of rolling, depth, and intensity of suction using a vacuum.

The LPG device is used over the LPG leotard, which gives you maximum relaxation and provides a superior feeling during the treatment. Due to the wide range of applicability, LPG treatments are used equally by top athletes, celebrities and “ordinary” people, because LPG massage has a positive effect on soft tissues, stimulates intercellular metabolism and oxygen supply, regulates hormones and the nervous system.

The results are presented both scientifically and in practice. Proof of this is the fact that over 37,000 LPG appliances have been sold, and statistics show that around 100,000 LPG treatments are performed daily in numerous beauty salons and LPG centers.

LPG treatment applied to the face

LPG treatment – How effective it really is?

LPG treatment, as a form of body shaping, is primarily aimed at eliminating and preventing cellulite. How effective will these treatments be and will they completely eliminate the traces of cellulite, fat layers, depends on the case. However, there are certain factors on the basis of which it is possible to predict the course and success of treatment:

  • Device Cellu M6 Integral – although the device was created in the 80s of the last century, by constantly improving and increasing the possibilities of rollers that rotate, the success of the method itself increases.
  • Frequency of treatment or “dosing” – one of the leading factors that determine when, how, and how much will be seen (first) results.
  • Training and skill of LPG therapist – if the person performing LPG treatment is professionally trained and has gone through the process of training to work on an LPG machine, then the results of the session are bigger and more noticeable because a good therapist can use a good combination of different techniques from the deeper layers to the surface of the tissue. Tip for you: check if the person performing the lipomassage has a certificate of LPG center.
  • The client’s condition before the treatment – the “worse” your condition, the more noticeable and easier the results of lipomassage are (it is easier to notice changes after LPG treatment in cellulite which is very pronounced and noticeable).
  • (Un) healthy way of life – in order for the treatments to be more effective, a certain commitment on our part is needed. It is necessary to exercise, eat healthily, and drink plenty of fluids. However, there are factors that, in addition to healthy living, affect the development of cellulite, and those are stress, hormones, sex, use of drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes.

Is LPG treatment used only for beautification?

The specificity, uniqueness and what distinguishes LPG treatment from other aesthetic methods is that lipomassage not only improves our appearance of the face and body but by eliminating adipose tissue from our body in a natural and painless way, eliminates potential hotspots that can be a source of many acute and chronic vascular and nervous diseases.

Where is the LPG method, lipomassage or endermology represented?

Application of LPG treatment in sports

  • Prevention of sports injuries (reduction of muscle tension and cramps)
  • Preparations for competitions or exercises (such as muscle relaxation or stimulation)
  • Improving existing capabilities (strength, mobility, movement technique)
  • Treatment of sports injuries

LPG treatments have proven to be very effective and useful because it has been scientifically confirmed that lactic acid [2] in muscles is reduced by 30% if LPG therapy is applied so that recovery of muscles and tissues after strenuous exercise or overload is accelerated, and as swelling decreases, it is recommended as part of therapy in recovery from various muscle and soft tissue injuries. If applied in combination with manual sports massages, results are inevitable.

The best confirmation of all that is Kiira Korpi [3], a multiple skating champion from Finland, who uses LPG as part of her preparation for competitions.

LPG as a type of therapy and treatment

The application of LPG treatment improves and speeds up the circulation, the oxygen supply is better (nutrition and the creation of new tissue are enabled), accelerated metabolism, reduction of swelling, pain and muscle tension. Due to all the listed advantages, the LPG method is used in the following types of acute and chronic injuries and diseases:

  • Soft tissue injuries (cramps, bruises, sprains, twisting and muscle inflammation)
  • Problems with poor circulation
  • Swelling and burns
  • Before and after liposuction
  • Treatment of scars, especially those after surgery
  • Stress and sleep disorders
  • fibromyalgia

In Finland, the use of the LPG method for therapeutic purposes is covered by compulsory social security.

LPG treatment as a part of aesthetic medicine

Lipomassage is among the leading non-invasive treatments in removing and alleviating existing cellulite, or preventing the formation of fat layers and reshaping the contour of the body. Thanks to the system of operation of LPG devices, endermology is used in aesthetics in:

  • Elimination of fat layers and cellulite
  • Wrinkle removal, alleviation, and prevention
  • Body contour shapes
  • Firming sagging skin
  • Reduction of swelling
  • Skin whitening (lightening)
A topless girl in the reflection of a mirror

How much cost LPG treatment?

This is the most common question asked after learning what LPG treatment is.

The fact is that a serious amount of money should be set aside for this type of treatment, but the final results you achieve its defense. How many methods and treatments do you know, apart from LPG, who are able to remove your cellulite and reduce your waist circumference by a few ready-made numbers, without feeling any pain? You will admit that when you set things up like this and look at everything from this point of view, then the money is a negligible and insignificant thing.

The price of LPG treatment depends and varies from salon to salon, from city to city because it takes into account both the standard and the purchasing power of clients in a particular area. However, there is an average:

  • Individual (one) treatment amounts from $60 to $100
  • A package of 10 treatments can be found for as little as $500 (the higher the number of treatments, the lower the amount per individual treatment)
  • Permanent promotions and discounts offer a lower price of 50% to as much as 80% – since the summer and swimsuit season is already very current, beauty salons offer permanent promotions that you can use to prepare your body for next season, so with a little searching you can save, and reduce the volume of your body, but not your wallet!

Disadvantages of LPG

So far, we have listed what positive LPG treatment can do for you. However, we often wonder if this treatment has any harmful effects, and can it be bad for us?

As you know that perfection does not exist, so this method has its flaws, but when you get to know them (in the lines below), you will realize that these are minor things and that your health is not in question at any time . LPG treatment should not be used by people suffering from serious, progressive chronic diseases, phlebitis (inflammation of the veins), people who have a severe circulatory disorder, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Side effects that can occur during lipomassage are:

  1. Dandruff and itching of the skin on the treated area – If you have extremely dry or sensitive skin, you may experience itching and dandruff after the treatment due to the pressure that builds up due to the vacuum and rotating rollers. You will solve the problem by using some of the protective creams, as recommended by the therapist.
  2. Swelling of the area where the treatment was applied – Since this is a mechanical method, it is normal for certain parts of the body to swell, but this problem is solved and disappears within a few days, and the positive results remain.
  3. Results that are noticed after a long time – If you thought to get rid of cellulite in three days, then forget about this method. To achieve optimal results, it takes about 20 treatments, which means that you will be satisfied only after two and a half months if you go for treatment twice a week.
  4. The price of the treatment – This is perhaps the biggest drawback of the treatment because the whole treatment will cost you a lot. But beauty has no price, right ?! On the other hand, there is an alternative solution in the form of using anti cellulite massage, as a cheaper variant, with the use of various gels and creams, which contain only natural ingredients.
Girl on LPG treatment

What do those who have tried LPG treatments say?

The first thing that everyone immediately notices is smooth and soft skin, and the next thing is tighter skin, better tone, cellulite reduction, pants that fall off and suddenly become huge…

Of course, there are those who will not notice almost any changes, but the success of LPG treatment is an individual matter because it depends on the specific case, the state of the organism, the presence of cellulite, and the region being treated.

Remember that success also depends on our willingness to change our diet, increase physical activity, and water intake. Don’t forget that your dedication and determination to succeed in something is already half the job done and that the outer beauty comes from the one inside!

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