Lower back pain relief products

Lower Back Pain Relief Products


Lower back pain is a common issue with all the business people due to long hours spent by computers, athletes, musicians, etc.

The best-proven method for solving this kind of issue is visiting chiropractic or physiatrist.

In case you don’t have time we found a couple of lower back relief products we find useful.

Back pain can be caused by many things like an injury. Here’s a couple of reasons why the lower back hurt:

Sometimes unfortunately it can be caused by spinal cord cancer but most of the time it is not that serious.

Before we dive deeper into reviewing all these products, check out more information about the back pain here.

Lower back pain relief products

We search the web in order to find the products with the best user experience. Here are the best-rated products we found:

  • Back stretcher
  • Creams/gels
  • Inversion table
  • Massagers

Back stretcher 17 – $30

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  • Easy to assemble and take apart
  • Usually 3 positions
  • Made out of solid plastic, very durable

This is a very popular product on the internet. It can be found on Amazon or Aliexpress.

Don’t seem to differ from one manufacturer to another. It is made out of solid plastic, very easy to assemble.

If you look at the picture you can see the bumps on the surface, those are acupuncture points. They can defer by size and quantity. In the middle, it has an opening so it does not rub against your spine.

Often used in the morning along with some stretching exercises or after a hard day.

The use is very straight forward, you lie down slowly on the back and just relax for 10 minutes a day.

Great product for lazy people right 🙂 Just lay down and do nothing. 


This is a great product for people with light lower back pain.

It is very useful to stretch not just the back but your entire body. It will not harm you to stretch your back twice a day but if you have some serious back problems this will not solve them.

Creams and gels 8 – $50

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  • Cold or hot
  • Contain mental, antibiotics…
  • The great pain relief method

It impossible to solve a back problem by just using a cream, it takes more than that however these are the best products for pain relief.

Using pills will damage your organs eventually so creams are a great alternative.

The two most common types are hot cream and cold cream. They can be in form of gel it doesn’t matter that much. 

People often get confused by this to different cream types so we search the medical advice on this, check it out.

Image from https://www.deep-heat.co.uk/

Cold creams contain menthol so you feel the cold instantly. Also, many of them use antibiotics so they threaten back pain well.


Back pain cream and gels are perfect alternatives to pills. Just like drugs, they can relieve pain but not solve the problem.

You need to Invest time into back pain relief and 9 out of 10 you need to change your habits like sitting position, lifting things, and sports.

Inversion table 75 – $280

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  • Decompresses discs
  • Stretches the muscles
  • Hydrate discs

Inversion table gained popularity in recent years due to great decompression results. Similar to the back stretcher it stretches the muscles and decompresses them.

This is one of the most popular back pain relief products but also the most complex and the most expensive one.

As you stand, sit or walk the spine discs act as shock absorbers. With the inversion table, you remove all the pressure.

It is not just about inverted position, you can also stretch your muscles while laying down on the table.

Something you maybe didn’t know is that our discs get compressed during the day and the water is squeezed out of them, they dehydrate is some way. You literary lose the height during the day and restore it during the night.

While we sleep discs rehydrate, relax, and restore its original shape. Lower back pain is often caused by discs bleeding int the spinal cord.


The inversion table decompresses your discs and removes the pressure put on them by sitting, walking, and standing.

Since decompression happens only during the night, the inversion table allows us to have additional time during the day. It is also great for stretching the muscles. Check out some exercises on the inverted table.

Inversion table excersises

Massagers 17 – $150


  • Portable, great for use in the car or at work
  • Some of them can heat
  • Relax muscles and break the muscle knots

Nowadays when there are many different types of massages and massage cushions and chairs it is hard to pick the right one.

Let’s mention a few rated great by customers.

Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Masager

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We’ve gone through reviews of this product on Amazon and people seem really satisfied. Many different websites mention this massager also.

It’s basically a pillow massager so it’s portable ad great for use in the car or while you’re working.

Users say it’s really well built with good materials. The principle of this massager is within the balls that rotate. Also, they can get warm when you turn on the heating option.

Cryotex Massage Gun

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It’s one of the best selling products on Amazon. You can adjust the massage strength with 20 levels of intensity. You also get 6 massage heads so you can experiment with the message type.

It has over 3500 reviews on Amazon, mostly positive. People seem really impressed by this massage gun. 

One of them we run intro starts like this… “I just received this product and after using it I’m fully convinced I should have purchased one long ago”.

Anybody can sell a product but to get satisfied customers, the product needs to reach a certain level of quality. This massage gun achieves that.

Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

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I know this article is about lower back pains but I wanted to shine a light on this very popular product, designed for neck massage but can be used for lower back massage as well. 

It’s portable but, it needs to be on charger. Similar to a massage pillow you can adjust the heating and shiatsu balls intensity.

Users are really satisfied with the built quality, it’s made out of high-quality leather.

It is designed with no clip so you need to put your arms through it. By doing this you put additional pressure of balls on your neck.


We can divide these product types into 4 categories.

  • Stretching
  • Pain relief
  • Stretching and decompression
  • Massage

Of course, it depends on your needs but for severe injuries and lower back pain that won’t go away, you definitely need to contact your doctor.

Final words

Back stretcher – great for relaxing stretching in the morning and at the end of the day, designed for people with light back problems

Creams and gels – help but knot solve, if you want to get rid of pain instantly go with these type of products

Inversion table – You need more space and money but it provides decompression as none of these devices do

Massagers – Great for relaxation after a hard day. You can break knobs on the back and allow a better blow flow.

Article by Balkan-Healthcare

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