I still love my ex-husband

I still love my ex-husband

We divorced 4 years ago. We have a daughter but she’s not the reason why I still love my ex-husband.

I was very worried, literally killed for my husband, because I loved him very much.

Somehow, with the support of friends, relatives and psychologists, I finally got out of this pit of mental suffering.

I finally met a new man. He is a positive, most suitable option for creating a full-fledged family.

We have good relations. He is very good with my daughter, but I do not like him.

The ex-husband all this time regularly paid alimony. He moved to another city with a woman to whom he left me.

They opened their own business and they live well. I recently found out that the former has returned to our city.

It turned out that that woman left him and took away the business.

Now he is a beggar, he began to drink, got a job with some kind of low-paying job.

He often began to see his daughter, to take a closer look at me, to recall everything from the common past.

Every time I see him despite knowing that he is not good for me and our daughter feelings overwhelm me

I still love my ex-husband ??? My heart is not in place…

I remember the pain that he caused, but I’m afraid that if he continues to come and see his daughter, then I will break loose and we will be together again.

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I can’t forbid him from seeing his daughter. In any case they will intersect.

But he knows that I am not indifferent to him and that he can manipulate me, put pressure on pity.

Tell me how to protect yourself, a fool in love, from repeated error? Or do I give a chance to my child’s father?

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