How to wear scarves – an accessory that changes many others

How to wear scarves

There are not too many accessories and fashion details that are suitable for all ages, can support all styles and seasons, and never go out of style. The scarve is definitely one of them. Let’s talk about scarves and how to wear them.

Although it is likely that when you think of a scarves the first thing you think of is a “grandmother”. But when you think a little better, you will realize that the list of associations is actually much larger. You can see scarves from those worn by members of the royal family, to the popular bandana scarves that have become the hallmark of all music festivals. You can fit a scarves with everything, but they can also have a different purpose.

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The reason that scarves are always so popular is because of their variety. They can be worn as a turban, a fake turtleneck, a belt, a hair band, a bracelet … There are many other ways you can wear this accessory that can accompany and complement all styles.

How to wear scarves this spring?

Take a look at some of the creative ideas that will refresh your outfit.

This scarf has been worn in different ways in previous seasons and Camille Charriere has shown us a new trick. Instead of wearing it around your neck and tie it on the back, it’s a good time to tie it forward in a cowboy style.

The next chic style is based on a choker necklace. The scarves ties to close the neck itself, with the ends turning towards the back of the neck.

If you want to get a total chic, and a bit of an urban outfit, take a look at blogger Pandora Sykes’ little trick. She brought a headscarf in the same blazer design and achieved a very powerful look!

Susanna Fernandez from the blog A key to the Armoire adores wearing headscarves in unusual, romantic and feminine ways. This time, based on on Audrey Hepburn’s style, she wore a silk scarf around her waist. It is so stylish!

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