How to Promote Hair Growth With 5 Natural Treatments

How to Promote Hair Growth

Want to know how to promote hair growth? We will now reveal tricks and tips that you must know and with the help of which you will easily and completely naturally succeed in that.

Hair growth is a natural process that we can help in certain ways.

How fast does hair grow?

The fastest way to have long hair is to go to the hairdresser and do an upgrade.

However, it is not your hair and in most cases, it can be seen. That’s why we will now talk about how to promote hair growth naturally.

On average, hair grows half a millimeter a day or about 0.6 inches a month.

It is individual and mainly depends on genetics, but it can also depend on external influences and the health of the scalp.

When you want to change your appearance and have longer hair, it’s not fast enough.

Healthy hair grows faster than damaged and dry hair, and in order for it to be like that, proper and regular care is needed. You will not believe what changes in hair can be brought by a simple change and transition to natural care.

It seems that everything that grows should be fed, whether it is a plant, a person, or hair on the head. That is why the first suggestion is how to grow hair quickly with proper food.

Foods that promote hair growth

What to eat to promote faster hair growth?

They say beauty comes from within. It depends a little on your attitude towards life and the charisma you carry, and a little on your health. Hair not only grows on the outside but has its own root, a hair follicle [1], that is not on the surface and needs to be nourished.

There is no magic food or unique answer to the question “How to promote hair growth with the help of proper food”. You need the right combination of vitamins, minerals, and protein, and you can only do that if you eat a varied diet.

Healthy fats

Eat healthy fats because they are important for healthy skin and healthy hair. This refers to the omega 3 fatty acids that you can find in seafood and cold-pressed vegetable oils. Refined fats, such as margarine and edible sunflower oil should be avoided. Instead, turn to, say, olive oil.


If you can notice dry skin and dry, cracked hair it’s because your body does not get enough water continuously. If you do not drink enough water hair grows at an average speed, but it shortens very quickly and tears at the ends, so the results are much slower.

An easy way how to promote hair growth is at your fingertips – drink water girl!

Foods rich in zinc and selenium

Zinc has a role to recover tissues [2], in this case, those surrounding the hair follicle. Stronger hair roots and healthy scalp also mean a greater ability for them to use nutrients for the purpose of faster hair growth. Zinc can be found in cocoa, dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds, cereals and seafood, red meat, celery.

Selenium affects the elasticity of the hair and its fragility [3], as well as the health of the scalp. You can find it in wheat germ, liver, egg yolk, garlic, or oat bran.


When you are anemic, this is also seen on your lifeless hair that grows slowly. Maybe you’re missing an iron. Iron transport oxygen to your scalp, which makes it fresh and healthy. You will find it with red meat, soy, beans, lentils, spinach.


Protein is very important for hair. The hair is made mostly of them, and keratin plays a special role here. Quite naturally, the answer is that one of the ways to promote hair growth is a diet rich in protein. For something like this, we recommend a diet that is rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates, and especially low in sugar. Simple sugars should be avoided because they quickly raise insulin levels, and affect androgen production. This is a male hormone that greatly affects follicle and hair loss.

You will find proteins in meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products.

Foods that promote hair growth

Vitamins that promote hair growth

Although you will find numerous preparations and shampoos with vitamins, it is best to take them through the diet and affect the health in general, and not just the hair. The best vitamins for hair growth are B, C, E, D, and A. If you are interested in this in more detail, read in detail which are the best vitamins for hair.

  • Citruses are rich in vitamin C, and its deficiency makes the hair brittle, weak and cracked. In addition, the body uses vitamin C to produce collagen, a protein that is essential for hair growth. It is recommended to take 70-90 mg of vitamin C daily.
  • Vitamin A is known as retinol and is important for the production of healthy sebum on the head, without which the hair would be dry and brittle. To get it, eat carrots, eggs, whole milk products and fish.
  • Vitamin E fights free radicals and heals hair, making it shiny. You will find it in cold-pressed oils, seeds, nuts, cereals, dark green vegetables.
  • Vitamin D affects hair structure, thickness, and elasticity of hair and increases its resistance. You will find it in seafood and fish, a little less in dairy products and mushrooms.
  • B complex vitamins are also important because they are important for cell building, and thus for fast hair growth. Among them, however, the importance of biotin (B7) which has a role in the breakdown of amino acids, and niacin (B3) which feeds the scalp should also be emphasized. The reflection of the lack of vitamin B complex is in weak and brittle hair similar to straw, and the lack of the B vitamins can lead to hair loss. Vitamin B3 is found in nuts, brewer’s yeast, cereals, fish, peas, and green vegetables. You can find vitamin B7 in bananas, carrots, chicken, fish, cauliflower.

You don’t have to be an expert to find out at a glance what the health condition of someone’s body is. Just look at the hairstyle. Lifeless hair is a mirror of poor and monotonous nutrition.

How to promote hair growth with natural treatments

Does it make sense to eat healthy food and put harmful chemicals on your hear and buy vitamin and nutritional treatments whose composition on the label is not the clearest to you? They can nourish your hair, but the right way is in natural treatments, whether it is a fight against cellulite or any other fight for beauty.

What you need is a natural mask for fast hair growth. Try one of the following.

Tomato mask for hair growth

Tomato juice has multiple logs in promoting beauty. How to promote hair growth with the help of it? Mix fresh tomato juice with a tablespoon of olive oil. This mixture should be warmed slightly and applied to the scalp and left to act for as long as possible. After that, it is washed off by the usual method.

Castor oil for faster hair growth

Castor oil has already become known for promoting hair growth. It has a deep effect on the hair follicle, stimulates circulation, and thus enables hair growth. Besides it, coconut oil is also good. How to use them? Massage while rubbing the oil into the scalp. It’s a great way to boost circulation. Leave on for at least half an hour, then rinse.

Mask of onion and honey

One of the ways how to promote hair growth is to maintain a healthy scalp, and a mask made of onion and honey is perfect for that. Onion is rich in sulfur, so it helps to get rid of any dandruff that can fill the pores on the head and prevent hair growth, and honey works great against possible bacterial or fungal infections on the skin.

Yeast mask for fast hair growth

For this mask, you need a cube of fresh yeast, a spoonful of honey, and a little lukewarm milk. Dissolve the yeast in the milk and add the honey, then let it stand until the yeast starts to work. Then apply thoroughly to the hair and scalp and cover with foil. Yeast mask is applied to a wet head, after washing. Leave on your head for an hour and then rinse without shampoo. Add conditioner to the ends to make combing easier. Yeast is rich in vitamin B and is, therefore, good preparation for hair growth.

How to promote hair growth with beer mask

Beer is another way to take advantage of yeast and B vitamins. It is best to use dark beer for this purpose, although light beer will do the job too. To make a mask, you need to add ingredients to the beer that will make the mixture thick. It is best to add a little honey and one banana. Apply beer on your hair and leave it on for at least an hour. Cover with foil to retain heat and activate the yeast.

Hair vitamins can also be added to masks. You can put AD drops, vitamin E or vitamin C.

Since you have tried to promote hair growth naturally, then it is best to continue with it. Learn all about natural hair care.

Proper hair care

Proper hair care

Proper hair care is a measure of prevention. It may not help your hair grow fast because it is growing at a certain rate and it can’t go faster than that, but it won’t slow down either. This is actually a way to let your hair grow normal and natural.

Give up everyday styling using various preparations, no matter what it means to you. In any case, it will bring more harm than good. Either they are harmful chemicals, or they need excessive exposure of the hair to the heat of hair dryers, irons, and similar heat sources. Even a simple daily tying in the tail every day will break the hair in the same way and thus prevent its growth.

If you tie your hair, a loose ponytail is a better option than a very taut or bun on top of your head.

Try not to dye, especially not with a blanch that will literally burn your hair and its ends. This does not damage the hair follicle itself, but the ends crack and hair remains the same length.

If you are dyeing, try for instance henna, which is natural and plant-based. In addition to its color, henna is excellent preparation for fast hair growth and its natural care. It nourishes the hair root, restores shine, and volume.

You can’t expect too many miracles from henna, especially when it comes to lightening. Usually the difference is only in a couple of shades. You can try other natural ways to lighten your hair.

Carefully comb your hair. Be gentle and do not tear your hair. Always use a balm because combing is easier with it. It is better to comb your hair and untangle it while it is wet. Pay attention, we are talking about combing, not brushing because brushes tear hair.

Get a regular haircut. This is not a way to accelerate the growth of hair either, because it grows from the roots, and you cut the ends. However, it is advisable to shorten hair a little every two months. During that time, your hair will grow about an inch or a little more, and you still have room to shorten and refresh it.

Get rid of stress. It leaves its effects both on the body and on the hair. Not only does it slow down growth, but stress can also cause hair loss.

Exercise. No, sweat is not the one that is healing. It is a way to get rid of stress, improve circulation, and thus the flow of nutrients throughout the body, even to the hair.

There may not be the perfect way how to promote hair growth, but you can allow hair to grow at its own pace and not prevent it from doing so. At this rate, it can grow up to 6 inches in a year, and that is the difference you will surely notice.

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