How does the lunar calendar affect your appearance?

We could say that the moon in many ways serves as a guide to life. Ancient cultures have been paying much more attention to life in accordance with the lunar cycle. Here’s how the ” lunar calendar ” affects our appearance.

We know that stars and planets influence our mood and consciousness, and we feel it a lot. But we have also been talking lately about the impact of retrograde Mercury that rules consciousness, thought, mind, communication, and intelligence. However, do you know how much moonlight affects mood but also and appearance. It is less known that, depending on the position of the moon in the sky, it can be accurately calculated when it is best to start a diet, go for face treatment, waxing, manicure, or go to a hairdresser.

How does the lunar calendar affect your appearance?

Lunar calendar

When the moon is young there is a period when our body is full of energy. The young moon lasts for seven days. It is recommended that you start quitting bad habits right away. Start training, and go for anti-cellulite treatments. Also, if you were planning on going for a manicure or pedicure, this is the period when nails grow weakest.

After the young moon comes to the phase of the first quarter or “waxing quarter”, a position in which its right side shines. It is a dormant time and our body then absorbs vitamins and minerals better. So it is no surprise that this is the ideal period for anti-age treatments and cosmetic treatments that address the problem of dry or acne-prone skin. People who tend to get fat these days should keep an eye on calorie intake.

A full moon period is ideal for paying attention to – hairstyles. Whale (full moon) has a beneficial effect on hair growth. Therefore, if you want your hair to grow faster, cut yours during the full moon. If you intend to change your hair color, too, this is the period when you should do it. During this period, the hair is best absorbed by the blue color. So if you are thinking of becoming blonde or refreshing your color – for great results, wait for the moon to reach its brightest stage. It will be worth your patience.

The third quarter or “waning quarter” phase is recommended for quiet work, relaxation, and meditation. This is the stage where the wounds heal faster so it is perfect for any kind of mental or physical recovery.

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