How Can We Control Episodic Acute Stress

How Can We Control Episodic Acute Stress?

Stress can be daunting and harmful to your health. Unlike major chronic issues, it can cause the same symptoms but only silently. Thinking of stress only increases anxiety and fearful feeling.

Stress is usually linked to a bad situation that you want to avoid, like worrying about your dog care and a stinging of bees. Furthermore, anxiety is also connected with the fear of the unknown and the anticipation of a bad situation. In acute stress, the person faces pressure even in the lightest cases. 

You must have noticed that some people around you get fearful at slight possibilities. They are so anxious that they jump at the smallest of intrusions. It triggers the sympathetic system of your body to ready your fight and flight.

The only difference in episodic stress is that acute stress starts occurring repeatedly. More frequent reactions are no longer safe but are very harmful. Episodic acute stress can get more intense and disturbing. The people are often referred to as “Type A.” The panic in a small situation like the dropping of glass is so high that it feels like a life or death situation for them.

Unlike the misunderstanding, you should know that it is a real condition. However, you can stop its progression by practicing some tips mentioned below. They help you get complete control of the situation. Following these protocols, you will get more confident. 

Exercise Regularly

The good news is you do not have to do any heavy exercise. Even a half an hour walk every morning will suffice. However, you have to be regular in an activity. It will also help you get in shape. You can choose any sports like running, jumping, skipping, or squats after a tight schedule that you will follow periodically. Exercising produces endorphins in the body that increase brain activity. It makes you more confident and aware of the situation. This way, you get more control of the problem, and the fear decreases. 

Even if there is any potential danger, you will come up with solutions quickly. That means you will be more focused on the alternatives than the stressing problem.

Focus on a relaxing hobby

Spend a time of the day doing things that make you happy. Thinking about them will lower your blood pressure. Constant stress can cause cardiovascular diseases. If you like to read or write, keep a journal and document all your favorite moments. You can also book a specific time and do yoga with your kids. Learn to take deep breaths and let go of the stress. Internal peace will give you a break from continually riddling worries.

Sure, you should think but not all the time. If the strain from anxiety is present in your body, it can act as a silent killer. 

Yoga is a great remedy against acute stress

Take professional help

It would help if you acted fast before the acute stress converts into a chronic situation. Let the trivial things remain stress-free and straightforward. Can you risk your health because you cannot control the anxiety? 

Understandably it can be not easy to do it by yourself. This is where the specialists come in. You can go and talk to them. They will recommend practical therapy tips and exercises to dominate anxiety. Over the years, the specialists have analyzed the behavior of people so you can trust their opinion. 

They also recommended small tools loke using stress balls that reduce the intensity and relax body muscles. 


Though it is the last option left to explore, you should avoid it anyways. It is not so harmful, but people can get addicted to the euphoria and state of relaxation given by the pills. The medication contains chemicals that directly act on your nerves and decrease the release of stress hormones. Fewer impulses are fired across the stress neurons; that is why you feel at ease in a situation that generally makes you uncomfortable.  

There is a difference in doses of varying patients. Patients that are far along in the stage get a more potent amount. However, slightly affected patients can take a lighter dose and, along with exercises, get better at controlling successfully. 

Modern tools and apps

Wellbeing health organization has come up with modern tools that take care of you. You can wear a wristwatch that alerts you of your increasing heartbeat and breath. You can install the app of the same brand and analyze your progress over the previous months. If the situation is dwindling, you will know exactly when that started to happen. 

It is a good strategy because if you are aware of a decline in health or any possible problems, you can control the situation beforehand. As has been mentioned before, do not let the silent killer produce any unknown damage to your body. 

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