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How I Grow Instagram Organically

First of all, here’s my result. I started doing Instagram on the 15th of December 2019. 

It took me 8 months to grow Instagram organically over 7k followers. These are all organic followers who interact with my page meaning they like, share, comment.

I tried so many things by now, here is what worked and what not

  • Watching the 16 hours course on Udemy
  • Buying followers on Fiverr
  • Following too many people
  • Posting 5 posts a day
  • Adding too many hashtags
  • Editing videos to get more interaction
  • Writing long captions
  • Editing thumbnails

Instagram courses

You can find many helpful courses about Instagram and when you see that some of them last for as long as 16 hours you begin to think there is more to it. 

These courses do content helpful materials along with the tips and tricks on how to make your profile better but for the growth, you have to figure out for yourself. At least I had.

I watched at least 50 videos on youtube about Instagram growth and that was a big waste of time. 

The truth is that Instagram in 2020 is too competitive and some things from these courses would make a difference a few years ago. Courses are great for getting some useful insights as a beginner.

Not a bad thing but don’t make a big difference because starting Instagram in 2020 is very hard

Buying followers

Avoid this technique! I tried ordering 2000 followers for $50. I did get them but in a couple of weeks, they were gonna. I wanted to report the guy who sold me the gig but he was already blocked.

10k followers will look great on your page, so if your idea is to have a great looking profile just for the social proof you can trie but be careful.

This kind of profile is useless due to a lack of interaction.

Avoid this if you are serious and want to get interaction

Following too many people

This is the best technique if you do it correctly. Following 100 people an hour will get you blocked for a week, eventually, they might delete your account.

The best way to do this is to go to your competitor page and follow people who interact on their page. I suggest you go with no more than 100 people a day but split this quantity several times a day. 

Add 30 people in the morning, 30 during the day, and 40 in the evening. Don’t go over 40 an hour.

Great technique if applied properly 

Posting 5 posts a day

In my case, the number of posts per day didn’t change anything. The quality of posts did.

You can hurry up the process of organic Instagram growth.

Go on youtube, search something popular there, search the hashtags, popular accounts, and some new upcoming viral videos rather than posting anything just for posting purposes.

Spend time in searching for a perfect post not posting 10 times a day

Adding too many hashtags

Recently I tried posting a video without hashtags and it went well but when I check my analytics it shows that most of the people are coming through hashtags. I would not trust Instagram analytics too much tough.

You probably saw that big names on Instagram don’t put hashtags anymore but still get the interaction. That’s because of the big following. As a beginner find very, middle and not to popular hashtags and put around seven of them.

For instance #car #coolcar #coolcarbmw 

Those would be 3 different ones. I have 3 groups with around 15 hashtags that I flip.

Not crucial for big profiles but I suggest using them after you do a research

Editing videos to get more interaction

Maybe depends on a niche but it hasn’t affected my profile at all. In the beginning, I really put some effort into editing the videos to make them better and promote them as something new.

I tested this strategy several times and didn’t make any difference. I tried adding subtitles and all kinds of tricks but didn’t get any results.

Not soo successful strategy for pages don’t post their own content

Writing long captions

Not too effective strategy

I guess this is also niche related. If you have some profile that offers cooking recipes or women magazine topics maybe this tactic works but, didn’t work for me. My page is about drumming.

Editing thumbnails

This is something I recently tried. I thought it would be useful clickbait but that works on youtube better. It didn’t work here. The videos that had thumbnails had the same or lower reach.

In case you wonder how to do this. Just put a thumbnail at the end of the video and marked that area as a cover photo.

Doesn’t make any difference, it has better results on youtube


Two strategies that worked for me:

  • Adding people constantly but slow. Not just anybody but people I think would like my page
  • Posting interesting and fresh content once a day. Invest time into finding the perfect photo or video not posted by too many profiles before
  • Connecting with people. I reached out to some famous guys for interviews which I published on my website so later when I published the news they shared my page.

That’s it. You don’t have to an astronomical physicist to figure out the Instagram it just takes time. The truth is that it was way easier doing this 5 years ago. Nowadays, situations change because of network popularity so it is much harder but not impossible.

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Article by Balkan-Healthcare

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