Get rid of diet easily: Eat 200 calories

Get rid of diet easily: Eat 200 calories

You don’t have to diet, just take care of what you bring into your body. You like to eat exactly what you should not. Let’s see how to get rid of diet. If you do your best and do a little research, you will find that you do not have to limit yourself. It will probably surprise you that anything can fit in just 200 calories. Here are some of your favorite foods, find out what a serving of 200 calories of delicious food looks like.


400 ml of semi-skimmed milk contains about 200 calories, which is bad news if you drink milk as water. But it’s a great news if you consumed milk only as a supplement to tea, coffee, etc.

Get rid of diet easily - Milk


Nuts are a healthy snack full of healthy fats, but carefully with the amount. You will find 200 calories in 30 almonds, 6 Brazil nuts, 20 nuts, 20 hazelnuts and 10 macadamia nuts.


50 g of cheddar cheese contains about 200 calories, which is not a huge amount if you’re looking for a snack. However, it is full of calcium and is useful as part of a varied diet. So if you like you can add it to a salad or pasta, this is a great choice.


Many people probably prefer cheese, but spinach is a food you can enjoy. It is a little more difficult to determine the correct portion, because it is very low in calories. But it is much healthier. It is full of nutrients and antioxidants. That can help with eye health, reduce oxidative stress, prevent cancer and reduce blood pressure. Mix spinach with the tomato sauce and serve with the pasta.

Get rid of diet easily - Spinach


Pasta is not a very low calorie food. But it can provide the necessary nutrients such as vitamin B and iron. A serving of 200 calories is about 145 g of cooked pasta. It is important that the paste is made from whole grain flour.


If you were thinking of a big serving of French fries – you were fooled. When they are small, about 2.5 to 3 potatoes contain 200 calories, which is the perfect warm winter meal. It contains lots of fiber that can help lower blood cholesterol. It will also help to easily get rid of diet.

Get rid of diet easily - Potatoes


A dessert plate full of popcorn is about 200 calories. But be careful not to overdo it with salt and fat.


Choose a slightly smaller fillet because 110 g of salmon contains 200 calories. Serve it with plenty of vegetables to consume omega-3 fatty acids and lots of vitamin.

Salmon - Eat 200 calories

Dried grapes

One serving of grapes contains 200 calories, plus lots of fruit sugar. Add some in corn flakes and you have a full meal.

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Eggs are full of protein, iron, vitamins and minerals. So they are a great snack or supplement to your meal. Three eggs are equals to 200 calories, but we recommend one per day for a balanced diet.

Eggs - Eat 200 calories

Peanut butter

Not surprisingly, peanut butter is high in calories. But it’s also full of potassium and fiber, so it’s a great food. Two tablespoons contain about 200 calories, but usually one is enough to spread over a slice of whole-grain bread. This is a great way to get rid of diet.

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