Collagen benefits, myth or fact?

Collagen Benefits, Myth, or Fact?

Collagen is a pure protein that our body produces until 25. After that production begins to decrease so until we are 50 collagen level can decrease by 50%.

The true fact is that collagen production decreases by 2% a year.

The only way to force our body to produce it more is with good and healthy food and supplements.

However, collagen benefits are a two-way street. It won’t hurt to take collagen however bad products or small amounts will not influence substantially on your body but on your wallet. In other words, some of these supplements are useless.

Let me give you a few pieces of advice on how to avoid them and go for the real deal.

Collagen cremes

There are a bunch of cosmetic products containing collagen and advertising this like a youth source.

It ain’t gonna happen!

This kinda product does contain collagen but in a small amount. The truth is that our whole body needs to be boosted by collagen entry not just the face.

If we enter collagen through cremes and gels, the absorption is much slower than with nutrition. Also, collagen is concentrated more in food and supplements so taking it like this can influence our face much more than by lubrication.

Different types of collagen

When it comes to a source, there a few types that people nowadays use.

  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Bovine
  • Marine

Shoot for the Marine collagen, the most expensive one but the most quality one. It’s the purest form, due to all the diseases found in animals like pig and beef.

For the people who don’t like the fish, the best alternative is a collagen supplement that can be found as pills, liquid, and powder.

True benefits of taking a collagen

Wrist and joints

Reduces wrist pain since it has a lubrication purpose. It provides relief to joints.

Skin health

By taking collagen we increase the level of elastin in our body so our skin becomes much more stretchable. Except for that, it brings the natural shine to the skin.

Did you know?

By taking collagen through nutrition it forces the production within the body.


Collagen contains 33% of an amino acid called Glycine. This amino acid lowers our body temperature before we go to sleep and prepares our body for the relaxing process of sleeping.

Liver functionality

Glycine and taurine in collagen help with bile salt synthesis. The main function of bile is to digest fats and vitamins. It also helps to create pathogenic bacterias in our bodies.

In order for these processes to work properly, ou body needs Glycin.

Hormonal balance

Glycine also helps to balance the hormones. As you may know, unbalanced hormones can lead to overweight problems, changes in women cycles, thyroid, and renal dysfunction, and pancreatic dysfunction.

In menopause, Glycine has almost the same purpose as estrogen. It protects the bone structure.

Muscle regeneration

Threat damaged and broken muscles with collagen are nothing new to medicine. It brings faster muscle regeneration and recovery. The studies showed that people who take collagen recover much faster after sport injures.

A high amount of collagen in our body guarantees fast recovery and scar healing.

Brain activities

Certain types of collagen like type VI protects brain cells from some types of protein suspected to cause Alzheimer’s disease.

Different condition

Now that we discussed collagen types and benefits let’s do some comparison on its condition.

We found it as:

  • food
  • pills
  • powder
  • liquid

Studies have shown that eating a fish has multiple benefits, let’s name a few:

  • It strengthens the bones due to the ability to help them absorb calcium
  • Enhances the quality of skin, hair, and nails. People who take collagen have fewer wrinkles due to its ability of faster skin renewal.\
  • Patients who have diabetes type 2 have lack of Glycine in their body. Marine collagen contains a very high dosage of glycine so it can help patients. with diabetes.
  • It is very nutritious si it helps to build the muscle tissue
  • We already discuss how Glycine helps people to sleep better, due to this fact it also helps us be more focused during the day.
  • It can be a helpful ally if you plan on losing weight. It is very nutritious so it will make you feel fill.

If you are allergic to fish or just can’t stand it for some reason supplements in form of pills are the perfect alternative. They don’t smell like fish and you can’t tell it’s a product made out of fish at all.

Collagen in the form of powder is a great choice price-wise. It is packed in small plastic bags and it is very cheap but in many cases, the quality is not the best.

If you want to go with supplements, liquid collagen is the best choice for several reasons. Here is why:

Faster we enter collagen in our body and faster it absorbed the better. Pills and powder need more time to decompose and absorb. The time between we take it until the time it’s fully in the blood flow is longer.

Our body needs to work more to absorb collagen from pills and powder than from liquid.

It also has one more practical side. Liquid allows a bigger concentration to be packed in small bottles.

Consequences of low collagen level

As we get old we might feel some changes within our body, in our movement, or even with our brain. First, changes that we will run into and it’s caused by lack of collagen are kind changes. You may notice wrinkles, loose skin, bumps.

It can affect the hair quality, volume, and even cause the hair to fall off eventually.

More dangerous consequences are not visible but you can surely feel them. They come in form of muscle weakening, lack of strength in general, and decline of muscle tone.

The movement difficulties are very common. Collagen serves as a lubricant for wrists and joints and when it’s lacking it may cause troubles.

There are few things that will speed up a process of losing collagen so be aware:

  • Professional sports
  • Stress
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Genetics

Article by Balkan-healthcare

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