8 Most Effective Cellulite Treatments

8 Most Effective Cellulite Treatments in 2020

How cellulite treatments can help you, and which ones give the best results in the fight against cellulite?

Cellulite is a real intruder and aggressor on female beauty. It is often so relentlessly stubborn that tackling it is a real torment and requires a lot of effort and sacrifice.

Don’t worry, no matter which cellulite treatment you choose, the results will be visible.

The best results in the treatment of cellulite are achieved by a combination of several different treatments and a change in life habits. The milder and less painful ones include a change in diet, enough fluids, and regular exercise, but this is often not enough.

Of course, before you decide on the treatment that suits you best, you need to consult a doctor. It’s not bad to listen to other people’s experiences either.

What Is Cellulite And How Is It Created?

The modern way of life, as well as insufficient movement and inadequate nutrition, have drastically increased the number of women who have cellulite.

Those irregularities that resemble the surface of orange peel are caused by disorders of the microcirculation of the subcutaneous tissue and the accumulation of fats and toxins.

Due to all this, the connective tissue weakens and over time and skin deforms.

It is estimated that over 90% of women suffer from cellulite. Cellulite most often appears on the thighs and buttocks, although it can very often be seen on the abdomen, arms, and calves.

It is important to emphasize that this aesthetic problem is not “reserved” only for women who suffer from excess weight. Many thin women also suffer from cellulite.

Cellulite can also occur in men, although it is rare.

Although many people consider cellulite to be an exclusively aesthetic problem, it is a chronic degenerative inflammatory disease in which there are disorders of metabolism, circulation, lymphatic drainage, and connective tissue damage.

The longer you suffer from this problem and the more visible it is, the more time it takes for this damage to be removed and for your skin to become smooth and taut again.

And here are the cellulite treatments that will make the cellulite disappear:

1. CoolSculpting Against Cellulite

This Cellulite treatment was created [1] in the United States a couple years ago.

CoolSculpting uses a technique based on a controlled cold treatment that treats fat and cellulite so that it shapes the contours of the body.

Exposure to cold in appropriate circumstances leads to the breakdown of fat cells, while healthy cells are not damaged.

In the CoolSculpting process, applicators suck up and cool the tissue. Depending on the part of the body on which the procedure is applied, various applicators are used. Under the influence of cold, adipocytes die and the body gradually breaks down and expels fat through the lymphatic system.

Woman on cryolipolysis treatment

You can achieve visible results in as little as two or three sessions

This technique is considered a very effective cellulite treatment. CoolSculpting offers a number of benefits:

  • It is a painless cellulite treatment
  • Its effectiveness has been proven
  • The technique is non-invasive
  • The results are lasting
  • Only 1 to 3 treatments are needed
  • You can treat any area of ​​the body

2. Cavitation

Ultrasonic cavitation is one of the newer and very effective cellulite treatments.

This technique uses machines that direct high energy waves at the body. When these waves hit the body, they create micro-bubbles that consist of steam. These bubbles appear inside the adipose tissue and thus the effect of cavitation occurs.

Cavitation causes the intercellular fluid to switch between several phases. The fat inside them is released into the body tissue. This fluid and fat are absorbed and processed from the body by the liver.

This cellulite treatment is completely safe. During the treatment, the procedure is comfortable and completely painless.

After the fat is released, some patients notice a slight feeling of warmth. This feeling occurs due to the release of heat energy and detoxification of the body.

Cavitation treatment against cellulite

Although cavitation as cellulite treatment is extremely effective, women should continue to eat healthily. In addition, water intake and regular exercise will reduce the number of cavitation treatments required.

Experiences say that side effects are very rare and if they occur then they are mostly redness or swelling. Don’t worry, because these side effects usually go away within a few days or weeks.

Some patients may have increased urination due to the elimination of toxins from the body after treatment.

In addition, individuals may have dry skin after a treatment. This can last for several days and can be reduced with lotions or creams specially created for cellulite.

In general, most people can resume their normal lives as soon as treatment is over.

You will need six to ten treatments to achieve the best results.

Between each cavitation treatment, wait three days so that the body has time to remove fat.

The number of treatments required depends on the area of ​​treatment.

3. LPG Cellulite Treatment

LPG cellulite treatment is performed in the form of skin massage to improve circulation. After the treatment, the skin becomes smooth, elastic, fresh, and improves the muscle tissue under the skin.

This process affects the skin and connective tissue, stimulates blood and lymph circulation, and facilitates the removal of fat and harmful things.

Lpg cellulite treatment is a natural way (without surgery) to remove cellulite.

During the procedure, you should drink more water (8 to 10 cups per day) so that excess fat and toxins can be more easily released through the urine.

With this anti cellulite treatment, the patient’s natural rhythm of life does not change, you feel relaxed and energized.

LPG Cellulite Treatment

It usually takes 14 treatments, while one procedure takes about 35 minutes. In severe forms of cellulite, the treatment can be repeated as long as necessary.

After achieving the desired result, it is recommended to maintain and go for treatment, during a certain time interval.

The procedures are very pleasant, and what is very important, there are no side effects.

It should be emphasized that the very essence of the LPG procedure is to help the body adjust to the degradation of fat and toxins and to get used to a new, healthier lifestyle.

4. Lipolysis as a Cellulite Treatment

Lipolysis is another minimally invasive technique that, in addition to cellulite, removes and breaks down fat cells.

The main advantage of lipolysis is that the procedure can cause very minimal pain and almost no blood loss.

Lipolysis as a cellulite treatment

How Does Lipolysis Remove Cellulite?

The lipolysis procedure involves placing optical fibers emitted by the laser (circumference as thin as 1.0 mm) in the area of ​​cellulite after the application of the local anesthetic.

Optical fiber is inserted under the skin with a needle. The fibers break down cellulite and dissolve the solid mass into a liquid with laser energy. This liquid fatty oil is slowly absorbed, or extracted through suction.

Lipolysis is much more advanced and minimally invasive treatment against cellulite.

The time required to recover from this cellulite removal procedure is minimal.

A positive effect is obviously seen after one treatment, and a lasting result is seen only after a few weeks.

A person can return to their job the same day after going through this unique cellulite treatment.

Lipolysis does not lead to any serious side effects, except for minor bruises, inflammation, or mild swelling, which can be reduced in a week at most. So there is no reason to worry.

In addition to the above, lipolysis helps to tighten the skin as excess fat is neutralized.

Due to physical contact with tissue in the subcutaneous layer under the skin, lipolysis is also considered more effective than other laser procedures by penetrating light through the skin (transdermal method) to treat conditions such as cellulite.

5. Anti cellulite Massage

Anti cellulite massage helps to separate adipose tissue from the skin and to distribute it evenly, which results in cellulite being less visible.

Cellulite massage directly affects the surface of the skin and stimulates circulation.

It is very important for this massage to be performed in the right way, with the right intensity, and in the right direction – the direction of lymph flow through the lymphatic system.

Anti-cellulite massage

Before you decide, ask yourself who performs it and how professional the person is for this treatment. The massage goes through three stages:

First stage: the skin is first warmed with light movements for a few minutes so that you don’t feel pain

The second phase: after that, the massage starts, which is something like pinching and pressing. This cellulite treatment directly affects cellulite and facilitates its elimination from the body.

The last stage: these are long, light movements in a direction from the knees to the heart. In this way, the excretion of toxins is enabled.

6. Electrostimulation of The Body As a Cellulite Treatment

Electrostimulation is used in salons around the world to treat cellulite and other skin conditions.

It is considered very effective as a cellulite treatment. The device has a number of advantages, including the following:

  • Increases blood circulation
  • Prevention of blood clots
  • Relieve muscle cramps
Electrostimulation of The Body As a Cellulite Treatment

Electrostimulation is considered one of the best cellulite treatments. It is successfully used in salons for weight loss, if that is also your problem, apart from cellulite.

This device sends a signal in the form of a nerve impulse to a relevant point of the muscle.

To facilitate this function, the required number of electrodes is placed at exactly those muscle points or muscle sets that need to be worked on.

After identifying the points and positioning the electrodes, a very small current is applied to the electrodes, which affects the muscles.

The number of treatments depends on the appearance of cellulite, and in agreement with your doctor, you will certainly get the best results.

7. Vacuum Massage

Vacuum massage has numerous healing abilities for everyone.

Many centuries ago, bamboo sticks were used to treat various diseases in China [2]. The skin is sucked into the cavity, which increases blood flow. This is called vacuum therapy.

Vacuum massage uses a manual massager with vacuum and vacuum cups that are easy to use and with which it is possible to do massage at home.

The application of vacuum therapy ensures the flow of blood into the body that is being massaged.

This great massage plays a big role in improving blood circulation in your body.

In addition, it helps you in the process of detoxification inside the body. It helps you get rid of toxins from the body in the form of sweat and sometimes in the form of sebaceous glands.

This vacuum massage will not only cleanse your skin but will also remove harmful toxins and dead skin cells present in your body. This cleansing process will make you look younger and healthier.

Vacuum Massage

Vacuum massage is not limited to a certain part of the body or only one place. It can be performed on all parts of the body with various satisfactory results..

In many European countries, people have accepted that this massage is the only significant treatment for cellulite.

In addition to these benefits, vacuum massage also increases your immunity. Increasing the level of immunity stimulates the overall health of an individual.

8. Madero Therapy as a Cellulite Treatment

Madero therapy is a special type of anti cellulite treatment, which is performed with specially designed wooden rolling pins.

Lymphatic drainage is stimulated with the help of rolls, as a basic step in the fight against cellulite on the body.

What distinguishes this type of massage with rolls from the classic massage? It is very simple, the results are achieved much easier and faster.

The goal is to remove all the toxins that accumulate in different parts of the body. This massage with rollers activates the microcirculation in the area where it is performed, eliminates water and fat retention.

Madero Therapy as a Cellulite Treatment

Series of 10 treatments are recommended for this type of massage. Cellulite treatments are done every second or every third day and last for 45 minutes.

This procedure not only eliminates cellulite but also helps relaxation.

In addition to removing persistent cellulite on the body, this massage is recommended for: stimulating the lymphatic system, eliminating toxins, relaxing the body, burning fat, and tightening the skin.

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