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Cardio Drumming – the Best Stress Relief Method in 2020

You may hear about cardio drumming as a new way of exercising. It’s getting more and more popular in the world of women’s fitness.

Whether you want to lose a few pounds or not it’s a fun way of doing exercises. It is as relaxed as cycling but more energetic.

If you are not a sports person who likes doing exercises then you know it is hard to get motivated. Does group training with loud music sound like it’s your thing? If the answer is yes, stay with me to find out more about this great training method.

Why drumming related training?

Why not. You may know that all four limbs are involved in playing drums and that it is physically the toughest instrument to play. You need a lot of energy and strength to perform, calorie loss is inevitable.

Cardio drumming connects drum sticks and exercise ball into a full-body workout.

How does this work?

The whole training is performed in a standing position so it keeps your legs activate the whole time. You will do jumping jacks, stretching, and all sorts of leg exercises while hitting the ball with your hands.

A lot of trainers use very heavy sticks in order to get blood flow. With hands, you will follow the music, hit the ball but also do all sorts of exercises.

If you ever watched or maybe even been part of drum corps, a or a college orchestra this will come naturally. In music, this would be the closest connection.

Is it hard as drumming?

We asked a few drummers for opinion, they say it is not as hard as drumming so don’t be afraid. Drummer use rudiments or the more complex rules for the stick hits. In cardio drumming, there are no such rules but sticks have the purpose of adding more fun to exercising.

The connection to rhythm is real. It may come hard for you if you don’t have it in you. Some people can easily dance and keep some beats some of us not but it is just an exercise, not a competition.

With time, trainers do add some more complex stuff when the group is trained.

In compare to other exercises

I would say it is a lot easier than real sports training, running, boxing, gym, fitness. It is designed to have fun rather than get serious. This is a great workout for family and business people who desire to blow some steam out.

If you work a lot and you’re not a sports type of person than this workout is perfect for you. It is so cool to just relax, have fun, jump, drum, and forget about all the worries.

Since is not that hard, after a couple of training sessions you are ready to roll non-stop. 

It’s definitely a fun way of doing group training. 

User experience

I search the web to find some insights from people who do cardio drumming. I must say I only heard positive stuff. That relieves the stress, burn calories, that it’s like dancing in the gym, etc.

They compare it to Zumba because it is dance-based.

Here are some user quotes I found:

  • “It’s my favorite. I think it’s because I can lose myself in it”
  • “It’s so invigorating. We don’t stop for the entire hour, it makes you feel good, and you feel younger”
  • “It’s not all about weight loss
  • “It’s just been a great experience to be involved in the movement”
  • “I’ve just seen a lot of people lifting each other up”

7 Benefits of cardio drumming

  1. Stress relief – like most of the gym exercises they provide the stress relief we all need. Being in a group and jumping to the music, well it doesn’t get much relaxed than that in terms of the workout.
  2. Endorphine or the happiness hormone is being released when you do something that you enjoy. Your level of happiness is getting through the roof when you are happy and accited, this causes stress to back off even more.
  3. Immune system boost is caused by doing this drumming, there is no much difference in comparison to any other training method.
  4. Choreography – usually you start with easier workouts but afterward when you make progress and get in shape trainers will throw at you some har stuff so eventually, you will feel like you are making progress. This is great for ambitious people.
  5. Destroys negativity – nowadays there are many amateurs drummers who find drumming awakening their positive feelings. It’s a great depression therapy to just get it out of your system.
  6. Team spirit – many people like doing group workouts because they get a sense they belong somewhere, this is a great feeling. Being part of the group and getting positive feedback is really cool.
  7. Burn calories – it is possible to burn up to 900 calories for an hour of cardio drumming

Getting in a drummers perspective

In the music world, drummers are known as a hard-working people. Although drums are physically the most difficult instrument to play, drummers are not saving themselves.

You need to get into that perspective, that’s the whole point. Do not look your comfort zone and comfort in general look for the sweet and finding your inner spirit who will lift you up and slam you right to the ground and refresh you al the way.

Here a few suggestions, take a look at guys like Lars Urlich from Metallica or Ray Luzier from Korn and you’ll see what I am talking about.

Provide your body a 100% effort and your body will bring it back to you.


If you search for gaining muscles or a full-body transformation than cardio drumming is not for you. This is not that much fitness approach but rather just throwing out the bad energy approach.

Don’t get me wrong it is still a great exercise but more amateur based. 

It is designed for the people who work a lot because only someone who is surrounded by stress all the time can fully appreciate this workout.

Article by Balkan – healthcare

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