Bell bottom jeans – the mark of an era, you will adore them

Bell bottom jeans - the mark of an era, you will adore them

Many fashion houses in their spring / summer 2020 collections have announced the return of various trends. Among them the one that has marked an entire epoch. It’s about the legendary jeans – the bell bottom.

Bells also known as flared jeans have returned to the fashion scene. And are slowly regaining their place in fashion trends. Fashion-conscious ladies will wear high-waisted bells with modern accessories and give this retro hippie model a new life.

Otherwise, pants with wide bell-shaped first appeared in the United States Navy in the late 19th century.

A variant of these pants made of jeans began to wear in the 60s of the 20th century. But the peak of popularity has come in the ’70s. There are almost no rock and pop stars from that period who did not wear them. However, when you mention the bells, the first thing that comes to mind is the hippie movement, which has become one of the symbols.

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That is why, as an association with the “flower children”, fashion designers ring the bell from time to time in spring collections. This is the time of year when everything around us is booming. Even the fashion collections themselves contain many floral motifs.

Judging by the collections of fashion brands this season, the most popular will be bells that have a slight transition and are moderately expanding. Combine them with fluttering blouses and shirts adorned with prints of various flowers or cotton lace.

Bell bottom jeans. How to wear them?

Do not cover your pants belt with your clothes if you care about the slim figure effect. Put on blouses and shirts in pants or wear crop tops! For the “long legs” effect, you should completely cover up your high heels. This makes the legs look extravagant!

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