Adult relationships: 5 things that will keep you from constant quarrels

Strong alliances between two adults are not someone else’s sick imagination or the inventions of ingenious writers working in the dystopian genre. This is a lot of work on yourself and relationships, which should be given no less time than the work for which you receive money. 

Despite the fact that people often converge on common goals, hobbies and tasks, many couples eventually forget about how important it is to listen, hear and understand their partners.

But there is comforting news – if you pay attention to 5 important points and develop your skills, then your relationship will also become strong and mature. I mean, really adults.

1. Hobby

Skiing, language courses, watching ingenious films of the 50s or graphic design, and maybe culinary experiments – all that is enough for your imagination and patience will help strengthen relationships and keep you from quarrels. As a rule, conflict situations more often arise in those who look at life differently. And joint hobbies turn your heads in one direction. And it is truly beautiful.

2. Set personal boundaries

If any behavior of your partner or evaluative judgments on a specific topic upset, offend or humiliate you – regulate these issues with a conditional veto, setting clear personal boundaries. Quarrels will become much less, and more fun. The main thing, of course, the border say.

3. Don’t let emotions take over

During a quarrel, you need to remember that in the hearts of the words spoken can greatly hurt the one you love and respect. Do not allow yourself to cross the conditional emotional threshold and pause between the phrases that you say to your loved one. Even if for this you have to go to another room. 

4. Speak what you thank each other for

We all often scold partners and say that we are not happy with them, but rarely release comments about something that we really love. Such practices will help both of you to understand that you can not only see the worst, but also focus on the best. 

5. Chat

It is by talking and discussing the moments that concern both of you that you learn to truly understand and accept a partner. It is absolutely not necessary to talk about the cinema, the weather or the political situation in the world, the main thing is to show a keen interest in what kind of person you share life with, bed and feelings. 

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