A Long Distance Relationship – Advantages and Disadvantages

A Long Distance Relationship – Advantages and Disadvantages

You fell in love, but your boyfriend is from another city or country? Or did you have to separate because of business commitments? Learn how to overcome separation and strengthen your bond.

A long distance relationship is difficult and requires a lot of effort, but if there is love between you, it is possible. Moreover, it has its advantages over the classic relationship!

Long distance relationship = Internet acquaintance?

First of all, we need to explain these two terms that many put in the same basket, and yet there is a difference between them.

Internet acquaintances are not relationships, nor do they necessarily have to become so. But they can be an introduction to a relationship. Did we confuse you? Here is the explanation.

Why is this term confused with long distance relationship? For the simple reason that we usually meet people who are not from our city, or even the country, through correspondence on social networks and sites. We create small routines, we often hear and write to each other, feelings develop, we constantly share our everyday life with someone and we start to consider it a relationship.

A long distance relationship

What do experts think about Internet dating?

In fact, with the advent of new technology and the modern age, such acquaintances are no longer unusual and, on the contrary, many relationships nowadays start just like this. What experts warn us about are fantasies that we can create ourselves based on data (true or false) given to us by another person. We should be careful and save ourselves by first checking if our partner is lying to us, maybe he is corresponding with other girls in the same way and the like. So it would be helpful to read some tips on good and successful Internet dating.

On the other hand, we have a long distance relationship. In this kind of relationship, we really met our partner, we saw him… The distance can be the reason because you live in different cities or countries. And it can happen that one of the partners got a job in another place, so you separate for that reason. In that case, you are wondering how to maintain a long distance relationship?

It is not impossible, but the precondition is that love is strong and mutual. Besides, in a relationship like this, you have to have patience and trust.

In such cases, the Internet is only a means of communication for partners and a mitigating circumstance because they can be heard and watched regularly.

Tips if you are in a long distance relationship

The first and foremost thing to do is to define the seriousness of the relationship. Is it just a passing summer adventure or something more? Are you both willing to do your best to endure a temporary separation? To maintain a long distance relationship, you really need an open conversation at the very beginning.

If possible, make a clear plan when you will see each other and for how long you will be separated.

And beware, psychologists warn that if we are prone to entering into long distance relationships – we may have a fear of getting closer.

Honesty and trust are key to the survival of long distance relationship. Without drama, jealousy, forcing spite… Work on yourself and eradicate such things. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to be blind, a little caution is not out of the question. Basically, female intuition will probably never betray you, so trust her.

A Long Distance Relationship Tips

What experts say

Experts who have researched relationships and love at a distance say that in such cases there is a danger of idealizing a partner [1]. We rarely see each other for a short time and it is somehow logical that we want to present ourselves to him in the best light, isn’t it? The same goes for men. The thing is that in those circumstances we completely ignore some little things or his bad habits because we do not want to waste precious time, but it is very likely that in everyday life with him it would really bother us.

That is why we should try to notice things like this, but not to distract us from our partner, but to accept him as such, as soon as possible, so that we would not be disappointed later.

Psychologists say [2] that this type of relationship is complex and requires much more effort, investment, and even money than a relationship in which you are constantly with a partner, but it still has some advantages.

The lack of physical intimacy is compensated by deeper conversations, and this leads to a greater psychological connection.

Sometimes the fact that we are constantly with a partner does not necessarily mean that we spend quality time together. Love at a distance gives you this: wonderful moments when you are together, unencumbered by some unimportant little things, and maximum effort to be beautiful. And when you are separated, your communication will be much stronger, deeper, and of better quality.

Experts do not advise this type of relationship to people who are prone to jealousy and possessiveness, because they will not endure and will only accumulate bad feelings for themselves and their partner. Also, long distance relationship is not for adventurers.  

Experiences with long distance relationship

Those who opt for this type of relationship have their reasons for doing so. For some, the situation and events are inevitable, for others, it is a pure choice and a desire to cultivate love at a distance.

There are as many different reasons as there are different experiences.

For some, this is an ideal way for relationships, while others end up hurt because they find out that their partner has been corresponding and seeing others . Or the saying “far from the eyes, far from the heart” is simply confirmed, and the emotions themselves fade over time.

We cannot give you unique advice because there is no such advice. It all depends on you and your character, desires… as well as your partners. And the influence of various sets of circumstances cannot be diminished.

Sometimes it means to us when we find out that someone else is in a similar situation, because in that way we can share opinions, experiences, fears, desires, knowing that the other side will understand us because he herself was in that type of relationship.

If you do not have such a person in your environment, the Internet can be real salvation because there are various forums where various topics are discussed, including ours. That is why we recommend that you take a look at other people’s experiences as well.

Advantages and disadvantages of long distance relationship

Maybe it would not be bad to compile a list of reasons “for” and “against” long distance relationship, for those ladies who are still reluctant and not sure whether they should embark on such a story.

So, the disadvantages of such relationships could be:

  • High costs – The material side cannot be ignored either because you or your partner will need money for road trips to another city or country.
  • Painful partings – If you bond, it will be very difficult for you every time you have to part and each meeting will seem too short.
  • Waiting for the next meeting – That is why we wrote to you at the very beginning of the text to arm yourself with patience.
  • The idealization of partners and unrealistic fantasies, which we have already talked about and explained.
  • Job –He will condition you with time and money, you will have to organize yourself according to job and plan when you will see your loved one.

But not everything is so black: here is a list of the advantages of long distance relationship:

  • This kind of relationship will certainly improve your communication with your partner and you will be able to understand each other much better.
  • It will build mutual trust, because you will certainly not dramatize about everything, control your partner jealously, etc. You just have to trust him.
  • The third advantage is that, when you see each other, you will spend quality time together, precisely because you know that you don’t have too much of it and you will try to make it beautiful and unforgettable. You will not waste time on nonsense.
  • Enjoying sex should also be mentioned (we don’t think that couples who see each other every day don’t enjoy it, but the time spent waiting to see each other can turn into a sweet wait). In this way, longing appears and the desire for a partner intensifies.

In the end, it should be said that you will probably appreciate this type of relationship more, precisely because of your investment in time, feelings, money, and everything else. And somehow it is logical that just because of everything you need to give you will not engage in a long distance relationship just with anyone.

How to save a long distance relationship

If you have already cut and decided to embark on this type of relationship, then it would be good to read the following lines, where we will give you a couple of tips and tricks on how to save it and not fall into monotony.

  1. Always be honest: say everything that bothers you. Talk honestly and openly about everything, pay attention to his wishes and objections, adopt them, and respect them.
  2. Communicate every day: wish him good morning, talk at the end of the day and share impressions, beautiful moments but also problems you had at work, at home… You will connect even more that way, because you share everyday life with someone and that is no small thing, as much as it seemed so.
  3. Send gifts and letters: it is true that we live in the modern age, where you can write messages to your loved one in many ways, but just imagine his facial expression when he opens the mailbox and sees a gift or letter from you! It will instantly brighten his day, he will appreciate your effort and attention… We all need that, don’t we?
Love letters
  1. Don’t neglect social life: by no means allow yourself to fall into depression and some bad state while waiting for your reunion. As much as you miss him, separation will be easier to overcome with friends, and going out will also help you maintain independence and self-awareness. In order not to one day get to the situation “I neglected everything because of you”… Just as we need a partner in life, so we need family and friends. Pay attention to your dear people. You don’t have to go to a crazy night out if you’re not that type, but you can certainly enjoy dinner at a restaurant or a casual chat with a friend at a coffee shop.

In the end, don’t forget: every type of relationship requires effort, attention, and a lot of love. This also applies to your long distance relationship. Don’t be afraid of disappointment and risk – it can happen to you in a normal relationship, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a try, does it?

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